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The Oracle of Nehalennia

The Oracle of Nehalennia is the child of Bela Síol, an intuitive medium, spiritual coach and advisor from Brazil who is now based out of New York, USA.   Nehalennia is the Goddess of the North Sea, a Dutch Goddess that was localised to the Rhine River region of the Netherlands around the 2nd and 3rd… Continue reading The Oracle of Nehalennia

Around the Cauldron · Card Readings · For the Gods

The Oracle of the Antlered Road

Elen of the Ways is an antlered Goddess of British mythology. She is Sovereignty, she is the Green Woman. She is of the ancient tracks and path ways, and is helping me journey down one particular path Herne has claimed as “Women’s Business”. There is not much written about her from the old texts, as she… Continue reading The Oracle of the Antlered Road

Card Readings


I have been discussing this with M for a few months now. After a series of readings I did for the WC girls, and after hearing the positive feedback and wonderful responce, I’ve finally set up a PayPal account. Mind you, it’s taken me a few weeks to figure out how to set up the buttons in WordPress!… Continue reading Readings