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Forgotten Moon

I didn’t so much as forget to celebrate and honour the Full Moon last weekend, it was more I was too exhausted to properly honour Her.

Bad, witch! Bad!

Although insomnia does hit me most nights, it’s more of a “I’m tired but my mind keeps chattering away” and during the week I’m scared to make noise in the front rooms incase I wake my partner up.

Excuses, I know.

All this said, I have had a productive week. I’ve begun listening to a meditation CD to quite the mind at night, and it’s delivered some startiling information. Unfortunately M woke me up before I could finish receiving messages from an older gentleman regarding how I read cards. He really pushed that I should look at all the cards, and what surrounds it, rather than paying attention to each as an individual. He had a squewed pyramid-shaped clear quartz which he was using to explain with, trying to fit it into a container of a different shape. I remember seeing the cards, and I saw what they were, but I can’t for the life of me remember them now.

The other bit of information given was regarding my partner. He’s going through a stage of depression that I’ve been through (and survived) right now, and I remember asking how I could help him.

The response? The Universe chose our souls to meet, as I’m meant to help him in this life time. I’m to help his soul learn the lessons he needs to learn in this life time, and to help him get through the darkness of depression so he wont have to go through it in the next.

Well! You can imagine how I felt once being told this. Maybe not? I’ve always known that we were meant to find each other.

Here are some funny “coincidences.”
– He moved to my town for work, and lived in a unit two streets across from where I grew up.
– The same month he moved down, I moved away to a town 60km away for uni.
– He moved back to Sydney, and a month later I moved back to the town.
– We found each other two years later, after I had gotten through a mega shift in my life, via the internet.

So we were always meant to find each other, but for me to be able to help him, I had to go through the worst of it first. And now that I’ve gone through the shit that depression leaves in it’s wake, it’s my turn to help my partner through it.

Knowing this, only makes me love him more. We were meant for each other. There was just a higher purpose for us meeting and falling in love, a purpose greater than what we could ever imagine.

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