Card Readings


I have been discussing this with M for a few months now. After a series of readings I did for the WC girls, and after hearing the positive feedback and wonderful responce, I’ve finally set up a PayPal account. Mind you, it’s taken me a few weeks to figure out how to set up the buttons in WordPress! It’s all html heavy through Don’t Put This In The Fridge, and then kinder for Book of Eucalypt…it gave me a headache!

The first option is ‘Baby Readings’ which my friends at the WC loved! As we’re all a bunch of overly clucky women, a lot of questions I was being asked was “I’m pregnant, what will it be” or “We’re trying to conceive, when do you think it’ll happen”. I’d like to add that with a baby reading, other messages do come through and I pass those on as well.

The second option is a ‘General Reading’. That can be up to you, whether you ask a question and I reply, or I tell you whatever the Universe is wanting you to know.

The last option is ‘More Indepth Reading’ where it’s all out. Ask as many questions as you wish, I use multiple decks, and I keep going until the Universe tells me otherwise.

So if you’d like a reading, feel free to hit any of the PayPal buttons, then make sure you email me with your receipt number so I can get back to you!

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