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The Oracle of the Antlered Road

Elen of the Ways is an antlered Goddess of British mythology. She is Sovereignty, she is the Green Woman. She is of the ancient tracks and path ways, and is helping me journey down one particular path Herne has claimed as “Women’s Business”. There is not much written about her from the old texts, as she has seemed to be hidden from written word. Much like the deer, she is there even when we don’t seem to be able to see them.

Those who have read this blog know that I don’t normally do reviews, but this Wednesday I arrived home to find a box sitting hidden between the cat beds on the front veranda, containing a my order of The Oracle of the Antlered Road.

The Oracle of the Antlered Road is an oracle deck focusing on Elen of the Ways, and the journey she takes with the deer through the migratory route across the land. The cards encompass fur and feather, Deity and Ancestor, deer and land – reading them, I feel transported from my little study in Sydney back to my ancestral lands of Great Britain and beyond as the cards tap deeper, and further back than Elen herself, as the journey is as old as the land.

This deck was lovingly designed, written, created by two amazing women of the Temple of Elen. The cards are of amazing quality, and thanks to their amazing quality you can take them out and read them on the dew covered ground without fear of them being ruined, especially as they come with their own weather-proof reading cloth, and eco-cotton bag to keep them safe when you’re not reading them.


These cards are gorgeous. The imagery is beautiful, and the meanings have been spot on to the core for my personal readings.

If you’re interested in journeying with Elen of the Ways, these cards could easily aid your journey, as I know they will be aiding my own.

As someone with over 20 decks of tarot/oracle in her ever-growing collection, I now have three favourites: The Wildwood Tarot, the Doreen Virtue set I use for Baby Readings, and now the Oracle of the Antlered Road. These are simply amazing, and I know these will be my go-to Oracle deck.


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