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Reconnecting with the Goddess

As part of my new years resolution, I am intent on losing weight. I need to, as I am technically “morbidly obese”. My BMI is 52, and I’m in that weight range where you need to be worried about diabetes and cholesterol. I’ve lost a lot of bulk since beginning my new job in the City, and all the walking and stairs just to get there has certainly been a great help. I’m watching what I’m eating, with this week being the exception, and I’m seeing and feeling a change within my self.

I’m in a fabulous weight-loss group on Facebook, and the energy with those women is wonderful, welcoming and extremely positive. We’re all in the same situation (weight wise), we’re all Pagan, so we’re on a very unique journey. Cards were drawn this week to see who is assisting us on this journey, and funnily enough, Brigid came through with mine. This sparked a few “you’ve GOT to be kidding me!” from my sister and I, along with “FFS, you’ve got Brigette” when using a different deck.

Growing up where I did, I went to a Primary school and and a High school, both run by the Sisters of St. Brigid. So Brigid has always been with me (in one form or another), to the point where I believe She chose to watch over me from birth. The same goes with Herne,
and having grown up in HERNE Hill, the answer was always there! When I first moved to Sydney in December 2008, the feeling of disconnection became ridiculous and I stopped practicing the Craft. I held my beliefs, but I couldn’t find my feet up here. We moved back to Geelong a year later, and Apollo and Hestia answered my call for help.

Then after the Handfasting last October, we moved back to Sydney for my husband’s work, and disconnection began again. I realised why, and over Christmas in Geelong I was able to do something about it.

Now, I’m more connected than ever, and loving the Sydney energies. I’m also finding that my path is veering slightly away from the Craft and more towards Druidry. I’ve also been reading up on different Deities, wondering who I’m feeling drawn to again, and who to look to on this new journey. Danu, Ceridwen, Macha, the Morrigan…it’s all leading me back to the Gods of my heritage.

This week before bed, I was visited by Brigid. She told me that She’s always been here, but She had to step away so I could grow. My sister this week drew me a card from Doreen Virtue’s Goddess deck, and one from the Angels deck. Both were Brigid/Brigette. With this, it was reaffirming my message.

She’s with me now, guiding me on this weightloss journey, and guiding me on my Druid’s journey. I feel so blessed!

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