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Accessing the Future

Something I’ve come to accept with learning how to tune my Psychic and Mediumship abilities is that I’m not always going to like what I see. Just as things in life happens when we’d rather they wouldn’t, sometimes the future has a possibility and you are shown it. The trick is to not hold onto… Continue reading Accessing the Future

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Solar Eclipse & Scorpio Dark Moon (Embrace the Dark Side)

I have been looking forward to an event called “Embrace the Dark Side” (thank-you Darrell for organising it!) I have slightly blogged about it before, and I was going to confront the darker aspect of myself and work through my shit. I thought the eclipse was happening this evening, and I was preparing myself to do something… Continue reading Solar Eclipse & Scorpio Dark Moon (Embrace the Dark Side)

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Meeting a Goddess

I ended up leaving work early yesterday. I don’t normally struggle with Daylight Savings leaping an hour forward, but after an exhausting weekend, I was a wreck yesterday. My defenses couldn’t stay up against the shit my mind throws at me. In the mornings I’ve begun working with, what Raven Digitalus refers to as “The Internal Shadow”. I’m going… Continue reading Meeting a Goddess