Around the Cauldron · The Forest Path · The Pagan Experience 2015

Accessing the Future

Something I’ve come to accept with learning how to tune my Psychic and Mediumship abilities is that I’m not always going to like what I see. Just as things in life happens when we’d rather they wouldn’t, sometimes the future has a possibility and you are shown it.

The trick is to not hold onto the possibility while managing your thoughts.

Each time I have a whinge about my current situation (ie. everyone around me is moving onto other projects and I’m scared to due to other commitments next year) I hear my teacher’s voice in my head telling me to be mindful about what I say out into the world. Sometimes you can’t help it – sometimes you just need a good whinge (over and over and over again).

Next year is daunting – I’m having to reduce my weekly working hours to accommodate days on campus at university. This means my options for which project I go onto (my employer has three big construction projects in Sydney needing people) is unknown. It’s hard to do my current role over four days because one day off means 40+ emails and a few days of catching up due to the ever moving work load.

Seán George as The Horned God in "The Spirit of Albion: the Movie"
Seán George as The Horned God in “The Spirit of Albion: the Movie”

During a guided meditation recently, Herne took over from the guide I was supposed to meet as he could feel how uncomfortable I became (he’s amazing in that way – he really does look after me). At the time when he showed me where I’ll be employed a year from now, I got pissed off as it’s not what I wanted or expected to see. I began hitting him, and crying, and calling him mean and other colourful words. He just held me, hugged me, and let me break. What I failed to notice (but did eventually) was that he kept telling me to look at my clothes, which was not what I normally wear to work (it was PPE!). This answered a whole range of questions and lead to a little bit of excitement. But each time I tried to envision somewhere else, I kept being brought back to where I didn’t want to be.

Sometimes, as much as we want to take control and be the ones in control of what we see, it’s not available to us. We can’t indefinitely decide on the future – we can only take the steps we believe we need to take in order to reach the goal we have in mind.

"Shamanka Woman" by Ooh Chiara. Embrace the Warrior!
“Shamanka Woman” by Ooh Chiara. Embrace the Warrior!

Right now I am taking the steps I believe I need to take in order to reach what I want to be my place in the world. I am trying to be careful, not leaving much of a footprint, while being patient and stalking prey along the way. I am trying to embrace both the Hunter and the Warrior within, as they need to work in balance and harmony. Sometimes one takes over from the other (generally resulting in me losing my temper and charging forward without looking) but Herne is always there as my Teacher, my Mentor, my Guide and my Lord, to reign me back onto my path.

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