Guided Imagery

Honouring the Goddess through Visualisation

If anyone reading this entry lives near Melbourne, you’ll understand how bitterly cold it’s been. It’s under 10C inside the lounge room as I type, and has been colder at nights.

Last night was a beautiful, close, full moon. Her energies were amazing. And I feel horrible in that I couldn’t bring myself to go outside and honour her. So instead, I worked on visualisation and in my mind I stood in a rainforest under Her light, and cast a circle from there.

You know there’s something bigger in the works when you try to call in Demeter, who first says No because she’s working with Herne, then comes back once she sees Bridget has joined the circle.

Demeter, if you don’t know much of the Greek legends, is an Olympian. The story of the seasons used to be told through her. Her daughter Persephone spends six months of the year in the Underworld. When she’s there, Demeter weeps, and we have Autumn and Winter. In the Spring she comes back, and Demeter is happy once more.

When Demeter came back into my meditation, it was a feeling of, “Well I’m here now, get on with it.”

So I go about my ways, honouring the Goddess in her essence of Full Moon. But there was something going on in the background.

Demeter came over, knelt down next to me and said, “If you want to honour the Goddess truly, you must forgive. You still have a lot of work you need to do. The answers you want, you won’t find until you forgive your mother.”

So this is where I stand. I could not go on with forgiveness straight away. I had to go, think of the right words, and come back. In this time, I fell asleep. When I woke and went back to this place within meditation, I was alone. The Elementals had gone back to their Realms, Herne had gone back to his forest, Bridget and Demeter had gone back too. All that remained was the essence of a circle from last night.

I know what I need to say now.

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