Guided Imagery

Salijen, the Shamanic Steed

I felt drawn to re-read ‘Elemental Power’ by Amber Wolfe. I have owned this book for over a decade now, and have never gotten all the way through it. I believe it was a little, too intellectual for me when I was young.

But now, it feels right once more. Learning the path of the Celts, something I have always been drawn to, and am back on once more.

I have gone down the path of the first imagery, but this was beautiful. I should have gone straight to sleep afterwards, but I felt the urge to write about it before I forget it.

I’m in an ancient forest, of tall ash and oak, of small ferns and moss covered ground. I became an eagle, soaring over the country side. I met the Wizard, the Wise One. It was marvelous.

It’s all one and the same, you see,
Where you’v been, and where you’ll be.
Understand that, and you’ll fly free,
If Celtic quest if what you seek.
‘Twil take far more than just a peek.
Awaken your mind, give your brain a tweak;
Learn and listen…’til next we speak.

The next imagery I went into a clearing, a grove, surrounded by ancient ash and oak. Within the clearing is a horse, a shamanic stead. Mine was a tall chestnut war-horse with expansive wings. I felt honoured to be in her presence, and together we flew beyond the stars. I saw the crystaline web that was all things, and I accepted the healing properties it had to offer. My third eye opened, and it felt marvelous.

The stead told me her name was Sali, or Salijen. We eventually came back to Earth and back into the clearing, where I thanked her.

Til next we meet.

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