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Creating an internal grove

Something I’ve been exploring over the last two months or so is working with and creating an internal grove. Many of us live in suburbia and for whatever reason cannot get out into nature. We may be in the heart of the city, we may have issues with anxiety, it may be pouring down with… Continue reading Creating an internal grove

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Embracing Masculine Energy within Femininity

We’re a species that love to label things, and through Paganism most of us find harmony with giving things a title of “masculine” or “feminine”. For example, the athame is masculine as it represents the phallus, while the chalice is feminine as it represents the womb. I never realised that what I practise and the… Continue reading Embracing Masculine Energy within Femininity

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Meeting a Goddess

I ended up leaving work early yesterday. I don’t normally struggle with Daylight Savings leaping an hour forward, but after an exhausting weekend, I was a wreck yesterday. My defenses couldn’t stay up against the shit my mind throws at me. In the mornings I’ve begun working with, what Raven Digitalus refers to as “The Internal Shadow”. I’m going… Continue reading Meeting a Goddess