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When I met the Lady

One night I met her. It was completely unplanned, unexpected, and utterly amazing. It was November, 2012.

We were in a valley, hiking up a steep, rocky hill. I made a joke to Herne about him being behind me and having to catch my fat arse if I fell. He laughed and assured me I would not fall, just as I was not puffed. I was surprised that I wasn’t, and that I wasn’t sweating. Hiking in jeans and that familiar purple top would’ve made me break into a sweat regardless of the temperature. Herne wasn’t, of course. Not in a leather vest and simple pants. I stopped and realised it was within a meditative dream. Stopping allowed us to look over the valley, to see the full moon in the sky above, and the milky way glittering like diamonds in the sky.

The night was gorgeous.

We climbed higher. The hill was barren of trees, just scrubs of grass and other bushes. There might have been flowers, but it was too dark to notice. Eventually we got to a clearing of nice, flat land with only a few scattered trees. Again, the view was breath taking. I felt so proud getting all the way up there.

A quick sketch of ‘The Lady’ by OohChiara (me!)

When I turned to look at Herne, his face was beaming. “I want to introduce you to someone,” he said. And there she was.

Words cannot describe her beauty, just as words cannot give her a name. To this day I don’t know her name, but I know who she is to me.

She was small framed and my height, 5’6”. She had golden blonde hair that shone in moonlight, tied back with strings of crystal and diamonds that sparkled. She wore a white and silver gown which was simply ordained with no sleeves as such, but rather organiza-like flows of cloth over her arms. More crystals hug around her small waist.

I remember her beginning with, “Herne wanted me to meet you.” Other than that, I can’t remember what was said. But we spoke, and as we spoke Herne stood back just smiling with his arms crossed at his chest.

Her energy was amazing, her temperament was so calm and pure. When we finished speaking, she nodded her head then looked back at Herne as if to say we’re done now. He came up to us, and all I remember was him smiling so proudly, being able to introduce me to someone so important to him.

I don’t remember the rest of the meeting, or how we left. I haven’t met her again.

When I honour the Lady, the Goddess, the feminine aspect to the Divine (or whatever your tradition calls her), this is who I honour.

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