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Embracing Masculine Energy within Femininity

We’re a species that love to label things, and through Paganism most of us find harmony with giving things a title of “masculine” or “feminine”. For example, the athame is masculine as it represents the phallus, while the chalice is feminine as it represents the womb.

I never realised that what I practise and the energies I work with were primarily masculine until recently, discussing different topics with different women. Energies that I take for granted, aspects of self that I didn’t really attribute to as “masculine” but more, “oh yeah, I’ve done that” believing that everyone has gone through that same experience, finding that so many women well, hadn’t, made my mind tick and question just what have I been doing all this time.

Energy Balance

“Balance” is the term that I use as it’s such an important aspect of who I am, how I function, and how I choose to practice. But unlike most women I’ve met along the Pagan path, I’m out of balance with the feminine and have only recently begun to change this. A large percentage of Pagan women I know or have met over the years are either centred with the Goddess, their own feminine nature, or are solely on the Goddess Path. Since coming to my path 14 years ago, I discarded any and all aspects of masculine/feminine while choosing to honour the Elements and Spirits of Place, both to me are genderless. When I first moved to Sydney in 2009 to be with my Muggle, I found my balance within the Masculine Divine.

Again, this was not something I realised I was doing up until recently when one friend wrote, “I feared myself, my lack of control of impulses, anger and strength. So I know I have suppressed aspects [and I know that I need to] bring this balance within me.”

Within the core of our being we are made up of both masculine and feminine energy. One is more often than not greater than the other, but it’s all about balance within ourselves. It can be likened to an old question, “which weighs more: a tonne of feathers or a tonne of bricks?” One is greater in size than the other, but it will be equally balanced on the scale. Take away one brick, and the scales tip one way or the other. We move or add bricks and feathers depending on what we need in our life to help bring the balance. Sometimes you’ll need more feathers and less bricks, but the ultimate goal is to the balance scales.


There are traditional stereotypes of what we believe “masculine” and “masculinity” represents in society. Father, brother, lover, warrior, provider, protector, muscular, physical strength, fearless, bull headedness, aggression, competitive, honour, analytical, driven, logical, assertive, self-reliance, tough, don’t cry, and for the love of all don’t show emotions! (many of these are shared traits with feminine, but let’s focus on masculine!). Through hard work and changing times how we see “masculine” in today’s society has changed, and it is becoming more acceptable for men to forgo many of the “traditional” stereotypical traits in favour of their own individual balance.

Masculine energy harnesses the traditional physical, emotional and psychological traits. It is intense, and at times can be a little bit scary. As men and women both have masculine and feminine energies within their core being, some of us feel out of alignment when our balance is off. This can translate into our own personal paths.

A Female Perspective

From a female perspective, masculine energy is outward. It’s our ego, our self-esteem, our protective barriers. It is the way we carry ourselves, conduct ourselves, our focus and individuality. It is our inner strength, our sense of self control, and it plays a large part in our individuality. It’s our need, our drive; it’s what propels us forth with desire.

When we shield ourselves in the morning preparing ourselves for a new day, we are invoking the masculine trait of outward protector. Through protecting ourselves, we are drawing on the strength of the universe, our own inner strength, and bringing in the masculine to balance our natural feminine protector instincts.

It is the analytical and compartmental state that pushes aside emotions to get the job done. This can be particularly difficult in certain situations where we need to allow ourselves to feel the emotion. I had this imbalance recently where I asked my Patron Herne the Hunter to help me get through the pain of having a loved family member cross the veil. This lead to me compartmentalising everything so I could get my work done in preparation for time off, undertake my uni assignments, and help me not lose control with my hormonal imbalance which was already doing a number on my mental state.

Ultimately, I crashed and burned with exhaustion because I did not allow myself to feel the emotion, or leave my beautiful state of denial, or honour the feminine energetic need my body/mind/spirit needed. Masculine helped me get through the day, but I needed the feminine to feel, to let go, to accept.

Masculine energy is that raw, guttural feeling that comes from the ancient blood line we all have, deep within our being. It’s that call to arms as we prepare for battle; putting aside or trying to hide and push past the fear that stands in our way of being able to defeat what stands before us. It’s not backing down when the soldier you killed suddenly gets a health pack and is back on his feet with a sword in hand. You stand your ground, and defeat the bugger all over again.

Masculine energy is not fearless or reckless – it’s that understanding of wanting to maintain peace, but knowing that if talks fail, then we prepare ourselves for war. It’s like bracing yourself in head-on wind: you dig your heals in, stand your ground, but know when to move when the wind picks up.

Embracing Masculine Divine within Femininity

Increasing your own masculine energy is not something that can be quickly done, but rather something you work on with quiet dedication. As a big believer in “we do things as we are ready for them” if you’re ready to embrace your inner masculinity, begin with finding ways that you can boost your own confidence. These can begin small with affirmations, or be as big as roaring at yourself in the mirror. Being accountable for your actions, working to break through your comfort zones, or even working with your inner feminine to help your inner child work through your past. Inner child work is a personal favourite as it has helped me so much.

Through years of self-confidence building, I have broken through a number of comfort zones. I’ve won my battle with depression, am pushing for the promotion I have worked tirelessly for at work, and found the confidence to go to university part time while working full time. Depending on this semester, I might even try for a double degree in Applied Leadership, something I would never have considered a few years ago. Harnessing the inner masculine means that I now have a stronger demand of wanting the absolute best I can possibly achieve. Now I need to balance this with my inner feminine to direct the energy into other aspects of my life.

Embracing the masculine means finding the confidence to improve your mentality, fighting for what you want in life, and taking ownership of what you set out to achieve.

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