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31 Days of Devotion – Week One

A basic introduction of the deity. Herne the Hunter is an old British Deity, often associate with Cernunnos and Pan, as they are all antlered Gods. However, they are all very different individuals. Herne was once a Hunter of King Richard II’s court. He was beloved by the King for his ability to always bring… Continue reading 31 Days of Devotion – Week One

30 Days of Devotion · Around the Cauldron · For the Gods

Updating 31 Days of Devotion

It’s been two years since I first posted the “30 Days of Devotion” for Herne the Hunter. Two years! Holy crap, Batman! Hearth Witch Down Under over at patheos.com has posted that the “31 Days of Devotion” is somewhat of a blog challenge for the month of August, and has begun hers on Hekate. As… Continue reading Updating 31 Days of Devotion

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Celebrating without Celebrating (Happy Holidays!)

Happy Holidays! Happy Summer Solstice to my fellow Southern Hemispheric residents, and Happy Winter Solstice to those in the North. I wish I could say it’s a gorgeous day here in Sydney, that I’ve gone out to the park or the beach to dance in the sunshine with my SPF 50, but alas it’s a cold… Continue reading Celebrating without Celebrating (Happy Holidays!)

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The Horned God – In the Beginning

“So, at first I ruled as the stag and God of the Hunt. Invoked with blood and sweat and the chase. I led the hunt through the forest and it was I who bent the branches to scratch and tear and cut. For without effort, what is the point of life? Without hunger, what would… Continue reading The Horned God – In the Beginning