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Updating 31 Days of Devotion

It’s been two years since I first posted the “30 Days of Devotion” for Herne the Hunter. Two years! Holy crap, Batman!

Hearth Witch Down Under over at patheos.com has posted that the “31 Days of Devotion” is somewhat of a blog challenge for the month of August, and has begun hers on Hekate.

As August is very much Herne and I’s “month” for various personal reasons, I’ve decided to go back to what I first wrote, and update it. However, rather than updating the individual posts, I’m going to merge a week into one post. So a total of four posts, so for those coming to learn about Herne the Hunter can find it in one easy spot, rather than gallivanting all over the internet, or all over Book of Eucalypt.

Do it for the hit counts, I hear echoing…nah.

In all the years that I have worked with Herne (we’re coming up to 13 now!) and in the lesser years that I have been a Dedicant of his, he has never ceased to amaze me. He is still the most amazing man I have ever worked with. His sense of humour is like none other I’ve witnessed from Deity. He kicks my butt, makes me challenge and question what’s in front of me, and is always the first one I go to for spiritual questions.

Sometimes he will hold my hand while walking through the darkness, other times he steps back and says it’s something I need to do alone. He has introduced me to Sovereignty, to Elen of the Ways, to the magnificent location that (when mentioned to others who work with him) mouths drop as it’s common between those of us who honour Him.

He is my Father, my Brother, my Teacher, my Liege Lord. I am honoured every day to have him apart of my life.

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