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To Keep Silent

One of the most important, yet often frustrating, aspects of the Craft is the element of “to keep silent”.

For the most part what we bloggers post is only the public aspect of our learnings; enough to share an opinion and allow others who may be sharing the same ponderings to gain more information to expand those ponderings.

Admittedly, I have broken this rule a few times as I reflect on everything that I have shared here over the years. The frustrations and excitement, a basic level of knowledge on certain aspects that I would have once craved in the beginnings of my path.

The frustrating aspect of “to keep silent”, especially as one who is on this particular path alone, is the inability to share with specific people who may understand or go, “uh huh!”. Yes, I could share on this blog to a wider audience, but that defeats the purpose.

Sometimes the smaller the circle is, the better the knowledge can be contained, something I’ve certainly learned through my current academic studies.

For example, there is one piece of writing shared by a fellow devotee of Herne the Hunter that made me cry, and scream, and jump for joy as it seemed like a shared experience between us and the Hunter. It is not something that you can google, but by a stroke of luck I found it in an essay within a book published many moons ago.

At the moment, I am scratching my head in annoyance and frustration at a recent piece of information given to me by the Gods, accompanied by an unwillingness to extend on that piece of information. So much can be carried within a name, and Google is not helping in this instance. Even with the wonderful Pagan community I belong to, in this regard I feel alone as I know it’s something that I must come to conclude in my own time.

To keep silent…and scream in frustration. I am sure there is something within this that should just click, but alas the penny is currently in the air, and I am waiting for the drop.

2 thoughts on “To Keep Silent

  1. Is the current issue about ‘keeping silent’? Or is it frustrating because no-one can know what it is the gods are trying to tell you, so sharing it is pointless? Just food for thought 🙂

    1. All of the above! I believe this is too personal to share, and as much as I want to share it, it’s like a secret only for me.

      I can keep everyone else’s secrets, but I don’t like keeping my own!

      But it’s also me pondering on being solitary because I miss my Sisters…

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