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31 Days of Devotion – Finale


I’ve been holding off on completing this until I knew what I wanted to say. I didn’t want to simply copy and paste from my previous 30D0D.

I wanted to write the right words, find the right way to say how important Herne is to me, just how amazing he is. I know I often say that he’s amazing, but you won’t always understand that until you meet him and work with him.

He appears as both man and myth, green and grey. He appears with antlers or none, clothed or none, laughing and smiling or grumpy and not in the mood for any shit. He will take  you on a journey of self discovery. He’ll let you see HIS place, something I know he has shown 2 others (that I know of) and it’s one of the main commonalities between those of us he has chosen.

“So, you work with Herne? Has he taken you to the place?”
“The place with the thing and the thing? Yes!”

I drift between the thoughts of “being chosen by Herne” and “choosing Herne” because it’s a very fine line. Sometimes you don’t know if you are being guided to find something, to stumble across something on a web search, or if it was complete accident. Sometimes it’s incredibly subtle, other times he is quite loud in getting your attention, which I learned yesterday. It may sound scary if you’re new, but he isn’t beneath putting thoughts and questions into other peoples heads if he thinks the conversations to follow will get your attention.

When getting to know him, in first working with him, be open and honest. He is a stickler for honesty, and if you lose his trust it will not be regained.

Start by saying hello. He won’t bite…at first.

Everyone’s relationship with him is different, so don’t compare. My relationship with him is different from three others that I know work with him. It’s no less special, it’s simply unique. Just like your relationship with a particular friend will be different to the person sitting next to you.

He will tell you what we wants, and how he wants it to come about. He will watch you from the sideline as you begin to work with him. As much as he take your hand to assist you on the path, it is you who will always carry your own light to guide your way. And then there are some things he simply cannot help you with, things he knows you must do on your own.

He won’t always have the answer, he won’t always be able to take your problems away or give you what you need – as it should be. If you want to work with Deity who will coddle you, who will make your heart ease, who will give you a step by step guide to your life and worries, then Herne can’t help you. I don’t think any Deity can help you.

He will teach you to be independent. He will give you the tools, and lessons, and knowledge you need to make your own decisions to guide your own path.

He’s pretty fucking amazing.

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