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Lughnasadh approaches

As Lughnasadh approaches this weekend, I’ve began to contemplate on the season and the festival.

"Lughnasadh" by UnholyVault @ deviantART
“Lughnasadh” by UnholyVault @ deviantART

Lughnasadh is one of the seasonal holidays, also referred to as a “lesser Sabbat.” I don’t like that term as I believe it takes away from the importance of the seasonal celebrations.

That said, Lughnasadh is not generally a holiday that I celebrate. Sorry to sound like a snob, but there’s not really a harvest opportunity living in the city! Winter crops (cereals, grains, legumes and canola) are harvested in Australia from September to January, depending on the state; while summer crops (sorghum, sunflowers and soybeans) are harvested February to May. My Facebook feed of late was filled with photos of cousins and friends and their children going berry picking. It is definitely harvest time, and it’s definitely Lughnasadh.

bidens pilosa

However the only thing I’ve been harvesting at home are the weeds that refuse to stop growing up the side walkway. And it’s those annoying hard-to-destroy weeds that grow in a week and leave prickles on your clothes – cobbler’s pegs (bidens pilosa)I’ve been told that they are one of the best medicinal herbs in Australia, but it’s those pesty seeds that drive me insane.

In the spirit of Lughnasadh, I’m beginning to notice that elements of my life that I once planted a seed for is now blossoming and ready for harvest. As we are all aware, different plants and fruits take different lengths of time to grow. Some are quick like the weeds in my garden, others take a lifetime like an acorn to an Oak tree.

Before my PMDD earlier this month I planted the seeds of a healthier mentality. I began remembering to take my medication, I’m listening to my weight loss hypnotherapy every night, and I’m watching what I eat. I’ve lost 2.2kg so far and am under my initial goal weight.

Two years ago I met the White Goddess as I’ve previously blogged about, and through laying the seeds of desire in studying Avalonian Witchcraft, I’ve finally met her again and was told who she is.

Midway through 2013 I began studying Bachelors Degree in Natural Science (Environment and Health) part time, and I’m set to finish some time in 2019. Nothing is for certain, but today I put through an expression of interest to undertake a double degree – Bachelor of Applied Leadership and Critical Thinking, after receiving a letter of invitation to apply from my university. So here’s hoping I get accepted!

With the harvest it’s also the opportune time to cut back the things in life that aren’t serving you as they should. As I’ve been suggested to do with the cobbler’s pegs seeds, I’m cutting out the things in my life that I no longer want, so only the seeds I want remain to be maintained through the upcoming Autumn and Winter.

The next seeds to plant are again for university – this semesters subjects being ‘Management of Aquatic Environments’ and ‘Epidemiology’ – and continuing to maintain the seeds growth for weight management, a healthy lifestyle, and growth at work in my current position which I don’t want to get into here.

One of our new furbabies, Augie.
One of our new furbabies, Augie.

We also have three new additions to our furfamily – two litter brothers who we’ve been tending to good health, and another kitten given to us by a dear friend who found it at her doorstep. Gotham is now over the cat flu and is itching to be an outside cat again; Pirate has lost an eye to infection and will hopefully be joining us as a house cat; and Augie was made himself very well at home. Charlie isn’t happy, but he’s tolerating it. So we have three new seeds, three new kittens, to tend to and raise.

This would have to be the first time I’ve recognised and really appreciated Lughnasadh, and drawn parallels from the holiday with what is happening in my life. It’s a really exciting time for me right now, and I’m finding new aspirations and dreams that I once never would have considered.

3 thoughts on “Lughnasadh approaches

  1. Lughnasadh is actually when I started my year and a day back in 2000. *G* So for me it’s a big deal; now, years later I also know that it’s Freyfaxi (Frey’s festival) and Lokabrenna rising (which is a modern holiday among Lokeans). I’m a city Pagan too, and to me it’s a holiday that’s about nurturing the seeds of what you want to grow in yourself. So Happy Lughnasadh, and I hope the seeds you plant thrive in the year to come. 😀

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