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Arianrhod (The White Goddess has a name)

Recently I wrote about searching for this one particular Deity that Herne introduced me to in 2012, who I’ve been referring to as ‘The White Goddess’ or ‘The White Lady’. As of Friday morning, the search concluded. She is the Lady of the Silver Wheel, the Welsh Goddess of the Moon and Stars.

'Sister Moon' by Aimee Stewart
‘Sister Moon’ by Aimee Stewart

Arianrhod. The above image is probably the closest in appearance I’ll ever find in how she originally presented herself.

Through a guided meditation, I went on a journey to a beautiful garden where I was to meet the Goddess that would assist with my journey in studying Avalonian Witchcraft. She had to have known my pleas and my quest to find her, to know her name, so she presented herself to me in a way that I would instantly recognise her.

Lucy Brennan as Arianrhod, in 'Spirit of Albion: The Movie'
Lucy Brennan as Arianrhod, in ‘Spirit of Albion: The Movie’

Lucy Brennan’s representation from The Spirit of Albion. I am a massive fan of The Spirit of Albion: the Movie as I’m a massive fan of British myth and history, and of course Damh the Bard‘s music which the story is based on. This representation of Arianrhod was really my first introduction to her as obviously I knew her name, I’ve heard and sung along to the songs about her, but I never really had an identity in my mind of her. So Lucy’s take on her character became my mind’s depiction of Arianrhod.

Naturally, with this in mind, it didn’t even click that maybe the Goddess I had met could’ve been her.

In researching her and her tale after the second meeting within Friday’s meditation, coming across Not All Who Wander Are Lost and her write-up on her experienced with Arianrhod that it was really cemented in my mind – this is who I met and who I have been searching for.

'Midnight Messenger' by Anne Stokes
‘Midnight Messenger’ by Anne Stokes

In reading Caer’s description of her meetings, her personality, her mentality, I felt such an energy within that I knew She is who had been waiting for me to be able to hear her say my name.

I’d also like to extend a further Thank-you to Nan from Writings of a Pagan Witch for the reading she did for me which also helped cement Arianrhod as who the White Lady and the White Goddess has been all this time.

Arianrhod, Lady of the Silver Wheel, Moon-Mother Goddess who plays her most important role in the Fourth Branch of the Mabinogion. Daughter of the Welsh Mother Goddess, Don.

Arianrhod, I hear your call and welcome you into my life. Thank-you for presenting yourself to me in a manner I would instantly recognise so that we may begin getting to know one another, and that I may properly honour you in my life and path.

5 thoughts on “Arianrhod (The White Goddess has a name)

  1. I love her! So happy you found her name. I personally havent worked with her but is about one of the goddesses whose name and allure im drawn too. I found her thro a dream about Ostara.

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