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In Search of the White Goddess

I’ve been searching for who this particular lady is for some time. I’ve been referring to her as Sovereignty as she never gave me her name, or if she had I couldn’t remember it upon waking. There isn’t a lot on the internet about Sovereignty as how she appeared to me two and a half years ago. Most articles relate her back to a Goddess in which Sovereignty was an aspect of who she is and what she represents, for example The Morrigan, Eiru or Brigid.

Of course, I could be calling this young woman with blonde hair in a silver dress, with a gold chains in her hair and at her waist a completely wrong name.

I’ve been referring to her as Sovereignty as that’s what she felt like when Herne introduced me to her.

antlered goddess

This is closest image of her I’ve been able to find of who I met, minus the antlers. The clains in the image are a bit more elaborate than how she appeared, but as I said, it’s the closest representation I’ve been able to find.

Herne took me for a walk up a steep path on the side of a hill, then over rocks, never telling me where we were going, only it was a beautiful night for a trek.

That’s what I love about Herne – he makes you work for it.

I mentioned if I fell he’d be the one who had to bare the brunt of my fall.

What makes you think I’m going to let you fall? he replied.

Moorabool Valley. Source: flickr
Moorabool Valley. Source: flickr

At the top we got to look over the beautiful valley in the full moon night. It reminded me of the Moorabool Valley before the government put the bypass through it.

For some reason I stopped to catch my breath at the top of the hill, which is odd for a meditation meeting but I guess if I was to be puffed in reality doing such a climb, I’d be puffed within that world.

Eventually I began walking away from the ledge when Herne stopped me, saying he had someone he wanted to introduce me to. And there she was, the Lady in White. She took me by the hands and led me away so we could talk.

Herne wanted me to meet you, she said. I don’t remember what happened after that. I don’t remember what I said, what she said, just that Herne was standing by the look out with his arms crossed at his chest with this enormous grin on his face. I thought he must’ve been cold without a shirt on under his leather vest.

When we finished speaking, she looked over to Herne and gave a nod. I was confused, possibly because the conversation was a blur. He walked over to us, she hugged me and wished me well, then disappeared into the night. Herne was just chuffed!

I haven’t met her again, and I don’t know her name. She may be Sovereignty, she may be Brigantia, she may be Diana (as I know Diana was honoured in the same area of London as Herne was). Some have suggested that she is Elen of the Ways but it doesn’t feel right. I want to get to know her more, to meet her again, but the attempts at contacting her have gone to deaf ears.

If anyone out there reading this as an idea of who it was I met, please let me know!

15 thoughts on “In Search of the White Goddess

    1. I’m in a group on FB with others that’s completely dedicated to her, but the descriptions they use of her don’t match who I met. I thought it may have been her, but there’s just that nagging element of, “nope!”

    1. Physically they are similar to who I met, but it doesn’t feel right. I might look into them more. Thanks for that! I don’t know much regarding Norse or Germanic traditions and deities.

  1. Second though in mind was that She could be Kybele. However, I went and reread and your comment about her golden hair caught my eye.

    Have a look at Medb/Maeve to see if She fits.

    1. It’s not Maeve – she has a stronger energy than who I met. Ahhh this is so annoying! I keep being drawn back to Diana, but it’s that NEED for confirmation and the unknowing that’s just bugging me!

      1. I tell seekers at these times to try journeying back to speak with the Deity again. Sometimes that works.

        If you’d like I would be willing to try to do some work to try to get a name or message, or even af ew more hints as to identity. I have served as a “go-between” for Deities and the person they are trying to speak with in the past with some success. Admittedly, all of those times They approached me first.

      2. That’d be amazing, thank you! I’ve been trying to go back there but as she appeared at Herne’s request it hasn’t been successful. I’m going to try again tonight but any hints would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

  2. I did some seeking for you tonight using the Amulets. If you send me a message via my contact page with an email address, I will send it off to you.

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