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Knowing Your Body

This week on ‘Too Fat for a Broomstick’ : why getting to know your body is so important for the quest to be healthy.

Too Fat for a Broomstick

I’ve noticed a change in my mentality this time around compared to say, three years ago. Three years ago it was all about joining FB groups, and getting so full on with the involvement, doing whatever I could – spells, and fad diets, going full force into the attempt and then burning out within a matter of weeks. I felt like I was shaming my body, I wasn’t accepting of my body, and it had to be gone. Looking back, I didn’t KNOW my body. I didn’t know what was happening, and it was the beginning of a journey to find out what was happening.

Three years ago I asked myself, “okay, other than depression, what the fuck is wrong with me?”

It was the beginning of blood tests and ultrasounds that concluded in me having PCOS (polycycstic ovary syndrome). It was the beginning of seeing natropaths and…

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