For the Gods · Pagan Blog Project 2014

A year that was


I’d like to thank Herne the Hunter, the Pagan Blog Project, and someone at work for pushing me out of so many comfort bubbles this year, I’ve reached a point in life I never thought I’d reach (so never really aspired to get here).

This year I’ve come to terms with infertility, having PMDD, and not settling for second best in many aspects of my life. I’ve learnt not to take shit, learnt not to be a complete open book (therapy made me like that, now I’m toning back) and learnt that I scare some people through not allowing them to get the better of me.

I’ve got a confidence that I never realised I could muster, conquered goals I never thought I’d ever set in the first place, and yes – this is all within one year.

I love my grey streak!
I love my grey streak!

2014 has been a fantastic year for me, with all the stresses and bullshit, with the new grey hair and the weight gain (all the weight I lost at the end of 2013 came back on thanks to my new job). Weight can be lost (trying to…again) but given the choice I would happily do it all again.

I am stronger in my faith thanks to some wonderful events – Mabon in Canberra, Beltane in Sydney, and the 30 Days of Devotion blogging challenge. I’ve grown deeper in my understanding of who I am and what my path is thanks largely to the Pagan Blog Project which sadly won’t be continuing next year.

I’ve had articles written in local magazines, and something else to happen in the new year which I don’t want to mention until it’s a little more official and “ready to go,” but it’s bloody exciting and I’m so happy and thrilled to see my writing getting out there outside the pages of this blog and onto actual printed pages, whatever form it may take.

'Wild Flowers in the Field' by Me 2014. This now hangs in my father's house
‘Wild Flowers in the Field’ by Me 2014. This now hangs in my father’s house

In the new year I look forward to learning about the Wild Hunt from Herne, provided our deal is met. I’m also studying Avalonian Witchcraft with a wonderful group of women, along with continuing my university studies (Management of Aquatic Environments and Epidemiology, then Water Quality Assessment & Management and Toxicology).

With the Pagan Blog Project not continuing next year, Lee at The Chaos Witch has created the Pagans Down Under Blog Project, which will be centring around Southern Hemispheric/Australian bloggers and giving us the opportunity to spread our wings in a more localised setting.

The more time between visits, the less connected I feel...
The more time between visits, the less connected I feel…

I’ve also come to terms with the passing or ending of a lot of things that I once held dear. Friendships and relationships that I once clung to with every inch of my being have finally parted ways in such a peaceful fashion, with no ill feelings. Accepting the old belief that “people come and go from your life for a reason” is absolutely true and absolutely painful at the same time. At the same time, some friendships and relationships have strengthened with the distance that we find ourselves in, and I would never in a million years trade that. Sometimes you need to use the geographical distance as an anchor.

For the first time ever I’ve got a clear vision of my “five year plan” which is where I’ll hopefully be ready to graduate from university, and stay within the construction industry. I’ve got a clear vision of what I want to do between now and then, and what I need to do to achieve those goals.

It’s only taken me 30 years to work out who I am, what I want from life, and how I’m going to achieve it…but I got there.

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