Around the Cauldron

11-11-11 Manifestation, Full Moon, Remembrance Day

I want to post this before I forget. Almost two years ago I sat outside in the rain, and cast a circle on the deck chair. I want to remember it again, as we’re having a somewhat boiling-hot-then-rainy-and-muggy season at the moment.

“Although there is light, I cannot see the sun.
Although there are stars, I cannot see them shine.
I light this one candle to be a beacon in the dark.
The wind, I feel you upon my face.
The rain, I see you gracefully falling.
The earth, I am connected with you beneath my feet.”

Tonight, tomorrow, at 7.17am it will be the full moon. Energies are buzzing tonight and it feels magickal. Emotions I thought long forgotten are rising up within me, and I’m embracing every part of it.

A selection of crystals are out in the back yard, on what was once a BBQ. Most are sitting in an open tupperware container, just in case it rains. With grass as long as it is, I’d hate to lose my beautiful singing quartz in the mix of it all.

I heard them sing the other night. With the heat, our pedestal fan has rarely been turned off. The breeze gently hit the quartz, and I heard their song. It was beautiful.

I’m unsure of what I’m doing for tomorrow, 11-11-11. As much as I want to see it as a day of manifestation, it is (more importantly, at least to me) Remembrance Day. If it’s not raining, and if it’s not 30C by 11am, I will head to my grove and sit beneath the eucalyptus trees, and honour my family who fought in wars. My great-grandfather served in WW1, but I didn’t know him. My Poppy was a civilian POW in the Netherlands in WW2, and two of his brothers died in that war (as civilians), but it’s more than that.

To me, tomorrow should be treated with the same respect as what one would at Samhain. We honour the fallen, rejoyce in what is in the now, and celebrate looking forward to the future with them at our sides as we journey through this world.

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