Around the Cauldron

Kitchen Altar to Hestia

Simple, yet effective. I’ll add to it in time.

Hestia of the Fire,

I invoke Thee,

Lo, behold me and hear:

Firstborn of the Olympians, Goddess of old,

thou are the flame that dwells within everything.

I feel thy presence in the fire,
I feel thy essence in the flame,
I feel thy presence in the heat

Virgin Mother of fire ,

Mighty and gentle Daughter of Rhea and Kronos,

Protectress of the fireplace,

Mistress of the hearth,

Guardian of the home

Bringer of heat.

Ancient thou are,

I worship thee within the flame.

Keep away illness from my home,
Keep away anger from my home,
Keep away danger from my home.

I lay before thy essence

my deepest prayers for a save place to dwell.

Grant me my wish:

Keep my home full of laughter and joy
Keep my home filled with food
Keep my home warm and save.

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