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I’m struggling. I miss my forced exercise I got at my old job site because I lived off public transport. I can’t catch public transport now because we’re building the infrastructure. I’m at my heaviest, and I’m searching for a holistic way to deal with my PMDD because the most common answer at the moment is “ovary removal” and I’m too young for that. Earlier this week I stumbled across and amazing-sounding program that I believe will benefit greatly, and as I don’t know what else to blog about this week (I covered the suggestion on The Pagan Experience last year), I’m telling you all about something I discovered this week.

First of all: no, I’m not getting paid to plug this. No, I haven’t officially started this, and I am not in any way shape or form associated with the program in any other form than by signing up this afternoon (after putting it off all week for some excuse I don’t remember).

Natureluster is a program started by the amazing Stacey Demarco as a holistic and spiritual practical program to get us back outdoors and allowing nature (which most of us honour) assist in balancing our mental, physical and general well-being by being better connected to your local environment. What is a Natureluster?

Check out their page, see what else they’re involved in because there’s a lot of amazing information on their page.

For me personally, I’m going to be doing the Three Month Program. As someone who ended 2014 doing 10-11 hour days, little exercise because of numerous reasons, and stopped doing my beloved Morning Ritual (I know…I don’t feel comfortable in my work neighbourhood) I feel I will greatly benefit from it.

Sign up, it’s free, and come join me in doing it! Spend 60 minutes out doors doing some form of activity, watch a lunar cycle, come on a sensory walk. You’ll learn all about it in the package that will arrive in your email.

compressed-2From this I’m hoping to start work a little later (ie. not at 6am) so I can stop by the Cumberland State Forest on the way to work (it opens at 8am) so I can do the grounding exercise there. At home it’s the fear of being stabbed when I’m out without my husband (no, seriously) and near work it’s that interruption by nosey neighbours or morning walkers (or stay-at-home mums with prams in tow) stopping to ask, “is everything alright?” Yes, lovely. I’m standing here trying to connect to the earth, so thank-you for interrupting me.

Earlier today I mentioned to the Muggle wanting to get out to the oval and do an hour of laps around it. It’s boring as bat shit with not a great deal to look at but it’s relatively flat and I don’t get eaten by mosquitoes. Alas, it’s pouring with rain so inside I stay.

One thought on “Natureluster

  1. Looking forward to hearing of your journey with this programme! I’m still trying to work up the courage (agoraphobia and anxiety disorders) to try it myself.
    Good luck, many blessings, and most of all – ENJOY! 🙂

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