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Morning Ritual

In public ritual I have witnessed Circle casters call in the Quarters, or the Watchtowers, often DEMANDING!! that its presence be known to them. I have stood in public ritual while the Quarters are being called, and more than once I have jumped at the power of the caller insisting on an appearance. This has never sat well with me. Great if it’s what you do and it works for you, but I’ve never felt comfortable demanding the presence of anyone. I’ve always been one to ask politely.

Within Druidry, we call for peace. It’s not asked that a representative come forth for the direction or the element often associated with that direction. Often it’s nothing more than standing facing the rising sun with your arms out stretched saying, “May there be peace in the East” before moving on.

As I don’t follow one set path, I’ve created a calling that works for me. It works as someone who began with Wicca but has moved well away (I don’t cast circles at all anymore, I don’t feel the need to). It works as someone who is a Leo and is very connected to the Sun’s energies. And it works as someone who still wants to have an elemental feel to it, but would rather it be more based to the land where she lives.

At present, I can’t find the post that I drew inspiration from. Damh the Bard once wrote (and I will find the post and I will share it) that if it’s the only thing you’re able to do in the day, at least greet the directions first thing in the morning as you get out of bed.

I extended on that, creating my own morning ritual that I used to do almost every day in Hyde Park on my way to work. I miss my Forest.

Good morning, Hyde Park (Sydney)
Good morning, Hyde Park (Sydney)

The ritual is simple as you don’t need anything other than yourself and a place where you feel comfortable. It based on the Sydney directions as well as tracing the sun in a sunwise direction (counter-clockwise in Australia). I perform this with my arms above my head unless otherwise stated. It helps to ground me before the fun and stress of work. And facing the rising sun at 6.40am is absolutely wonderful in the warmer months!

Sydney Directions

East – Water, and the Pacific Ocean.
North – Fire, and the Equator.
West – Earth, the expanse of land to the Western shores of the gorgeous country.
South – Air, the Southerly wind that comes from Antarctica cooling the warm days.

Morning Ritual (c) Cara Fenton

Begin facing the East. Close your eyes, breathe, connect with the ground. When you’re ready, raise your arms.

With the rising of the morning sun over the waters glistening deep,
May there be peace in the East.
To where the sun sits high in the noon-day sky, sharing its fiery warmth down upon us
May there be peace in the North.
To where the sun sets casting shadows across this great land,
May there be peace in the West.
To where the sun hides and darkness reigns, and the air is cooled for a brand new day
May there be peace in the South.
(bow and face the East again)
May there peace in the land, the sea, the sky
May there be peace in the stars, and in the heavens above
(bring your hands down to your heart and chest)
May there be peace in my day, in my heart and in my life
(kneel or squat down and touch the ground, even if it’s just the tips of your fingers)
And may I give peace back to Mother Earth, Guardian of us all, to whom we shall all one day return.

So mote it be.

8 thoughts on “Morning Ritual

  1. Lovely way to start the day. And I like the way you have set your directions. You have really got me thinking about this again, and I think I will do this week’s PBP on this subject. Thanks for the inspiration and food for thought.

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