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Body Shaming – just stop it

This week on ‘Too Fat for a Broomstick’, I give my 2 cents on the 2014 “Body Positive” trend and how “Body Shaming” just needs to stop…

Too Fat for a Broomstick

Originally this post was going to be called “Fat Shaming” but no – I’m not going to become one of those close minded people that are so focused on only their own issues that they don’t see what happens to those on the other end of the spectrum, or for those naturally in the middle.

I’m sure most of us have read Carolyn Hall’s 6 things I don’t understand about the fat acceptance movement, and her follow up 8 things I learned from writing an article critical of fat acceptance. If not, don’t be alarmed, I only read it a week ago and it was published in April/May 2014.

It was the topic of 2014 in all it’s forms. It was in papers, on Huffington Post; Upworthy showcased videos on it, Buzzfeed made a list… it’s like the world needed a new cause to get behind and be completely…

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