30 Days of Devotion

Day Twenty-Five: No help what-so-ever!

Day the twenty-fifth: A time when this deity has refused to help.

Look, there will always be situations that you need to go through on your own. These are generally the ones where you need to learn from it and grow. Or because you’ve been an ass and you need to take accountability for your actions.

I’ve been through enough of the “learn and grow” situations to know when I need to do things on my own, so I don’t generally ask for his help in this regard. When I am going through it, my call is a, “Please just help me find focus,” or “Please help me find the strength to do this.” It’s very internal. I’ve never called out to him in such a selfish way that he would refuse to help me, because that’s not who I am, and it’s not what I want our relationship to be about.

The only example of a refusal, which wasn’t such a refusal as more of a, “wow, he really does have a sense of humour and is calling me out on being an idiot” is when I asked him to give me a “Witch name” back in the early days, something that would just be used between us. Pendulum in hand, I waved it over letters and it spelt some absolute nonsense. A couple of N’s, a D, and a few Rs. Not a single vowel.

Then I heard this deep, burly laugh! What’s wrong with your own name? he asked.

Point taken.

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