30 Days of Devotion

Day Twenty-Four: Help me!

Day the twenty-fourth: A time when this deity has helped you.

There are multiple instances, but many I don’t really want to share.

The biggest and I guess the most important right now is that he helped me find my path in life. He helped me to really open my eyes, to decide what it is I want to do and who I want to become. I floated around doing different things for most of my 20s. I’ve studied graphic design, multimedia design, psychology, finance, business admin, aged care, tried to start my own business. I worked as an Accounts Administrator for the last three years and this is the longest I’ve ever been in one job! He helped me find focus which led me to going back to University to doing something that I not only have an interest in, but also something that is long-term, that isn’t just a hobby (which is what I realised graphic design will only ever be for me), and that balances with my faith.

I have 4 ½ years left of a 6 year part time study load, but in the end I will have gained my Bachelor of Natural Science (Environment and Health). I’m finding that I have a greater appreciation and understanding of our environment in a way that I would never have learnt from my day-to-day Pagan studies. The downside is that I’ve realised just how much of a “keyboard activist” I am, but if it comes down to attending a march or finishing off a uni report, I’m sorry but I’m doing my report!

Speaking of which, I’m writing a report on coal seam gas fracking for one of my subjects, and trying to understand both sides of the issue makes me sick. The only upside I’ve found is job creation, but compared to the health risks and environmental damage, it’s just not worth it. Solar and wind create jobs, too!

Through this degree journey I feel a greater connection to Herne. I’ve been doing long hours at work of late so last night I finally had the energy to write half of the report (due this Saturday…whoops!), and he guided me to ensure I had the energy and the focus. “Burn the rosemary. No, not that. The rosemary. While you’re up, close the door and put that bell song on. You can do this.

He’s pretty awesome.

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