30 Days of Devotion

Day Twenty-Three: My own composition

Day the twenty-third: Your own composition – a piece of writing about or for this deity.

I have written two pieces for Herne: a short story which can be found in the “Herne the Hunter” tab on it’s own page or by clicking the article below, and this Call of the God which I have shared twice before.


Charge of the God
by Cara Fenton @ Book of Eucalypt 2012

I am the father of this land.
I am the sun growing the crops in the field
and the seed that ripens on mother earth.
I am the protector of animals.
I am the sound of hoofs charging through on the forest floor.
I am the rustle of leaves with the strong wind.
I am the autumn leaf falling to the ground at your feet.
I am the power of the wilderness.
I am the strength of the running stag.
I am the power of the rising river.
I am the balance to the goddess.
I am her companion in the winter months, and her lover at Beltane.
I am he who whispers in your ear at night, telling you tales as you drift off into slumber
of lands long gone, far, far away from the safety of your eucalypt tree.
I am found on every land, not bound to one.
I move within worlds, within forests, within sunlight and shadow.
I move with the wild herds, and the sleeping packs.
I am the Hunter, and the hunted.
I am protector to those hunted.
I am their father, they are my sons and daughters.
I am their brother, they are my kin.
I am found within every man who honours woman.
I am within your mate.
I am within you, as the seed that bore you once came from me.
I am the Green Man, the face in the trees.
I am the Horned God.
I am Herne the Hunter.
You are my Child and I will protect you, be your father, be your brother
Running beside you in the wilderness of this new world.
Times have changed, but I am still here
With you, beneath your eucalypt tree.

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