30 Days of Devotion

Day the Ninth: Common mistakes about Herne.

Day the Ninth: Common mistakes about this deity.

Major one: He is not Cernunnos. Please stop saying that he is another facet of Cernunnos. They are not interchangable. Just like Athena and Diana are not the same Deity – they are individuals! [pause for Monty Python responce]

Another facet of the Horned God, yes. Of Cernunnos himself, no.

One that gets me constantly frustrated is… please don’t read a website or two and assume that you know what he’s all about. Don’t read my blog then believe you know what to expect of him, that you know him.

Wipe that thought from your mind.

The only way to get to know someone in the real world is to spend time with them, talk to them, share stories, and get to know them.

The same goes with Herne.

Sometimes I worry that I don’t paint the right image of him here, that I make him out to be soft and fluffy.

Ohhhhhh he isn’t. By golly gosh, he isn’t. His dark side is dark and painful. He can switch between tortured and angry, to pensive, to happy and joyous. His memory is long and he doesn’t forget.

Do not assume with him.

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