30 Days of Devotion

Day the Tenth: Offerings – Historical and UPG.

Day the Tenth: Offerings – Historical and UPG.

Historically, I can’t find mention. I’ve looked in my books, and naturally on Google. The feeling I get is that historically it’d be meat.

Red, raw meat.

Admittedly I did have to look up what UPG meant as this 30 day quest is the first time I’ve seen the abbreviation – Unsubstantiated Personal Gnosis.

Herne the Hunter Incense Blend
Herne the Hunter Incense Blend

Given that a lot of my practice is at my altar in my study, I tend to burn a loose blend that I made for him. I also use an oil that I made for him to anoint myself, my tools for him, and his statue.

We don’t eat a great deal of red meat, and I’m uncomfortable leaving meat at my altar because if the cat doesn’t get it first, then the roaches, ants or strays will find their way to it. I much prefer saying something to him before diving into it.

I don’t even drink all that often, so I’ve never really raised a glass to him. It is something I want to begin to do, particularly when drinking cider. I keep getting this nagging thought of, “you’re drinking Southern Comfort tonight, right?” which I guess is the closest to a manly-man’s drink that I like.

NB: The trouble with me leaving any form of meat around, even if it’s a cooked steak at my altar, is our cat. Or, cats, if they open the back door and come in (we look after four strays, and yes they can open our back door). Given the set up of this old house, there is always a way for Charlie to come into this room (altar and study area are in one room, and I just swing around on my chair) because of doors that don’t shut properly, or windows that are jammed open but no one bothered to fix it because they open to an extension anyway.

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