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Giving honour

In very exciting news, a shortened version of my “Herne the Hunter: a short story” appeared in the Winter edition of The Small Tapestry, a quarterly member magazine published by the Pagan Awareness Network Australia Inc. 

I’m so excited! It’s such an amazing thrill being able to see my work in print like that, and in print that wasn’t done by me from the work printer!

My story as published in the Winter edition of ‘The Small Tapestry’

I am planning a blog-related something for August to celebrate my connection with Herne. Why August? I have a Biodiversity exam next Friday, I want July off to relax and reconnect and find my feet again (this new job means no morning ritual and I’m feeling itchy) and August is our month. It’s the month that I first became a Dedicant, and it’s the month that I turn 30, so celebration all round! It’s something to assist others who hear Herne’s call, and to assist myself. It’s going to be part blog, part Book of Light and Shadows.

I’ve also been set a challenge. A friend at work (who’s an avid reader) has challenged me to extend on Herne’s story and to go into further detail. Thinking that He was a character I made up, I was asked when I’ll be writing a few more chapters. Umm…this was only ever going to stay as a short story. However…someone has been whispering in my ear, giving me advice, offering conversations and SO MANY FLIPPEN SCENES!

So needless to say, Herne’s a little excited over the prospect of this. Which makes me excited, up until I had to PLEAD with Him to let me just have this week to cram for my exam, and let me work out the details of it all after next Friday!

An agreement was made. We’ll see what happens.

In the meantime, I’m feeling completely burnt out. No amount of caffeine can wake me up! I’m itching, ITCHING to get out into nature, take my feet off, and just connect and honour and dance to the rhythm in my mind and just being free… I want to find somewhere nice and secluded with no sound of the outside world. Burn my resin, play my drum, and go wild with freedom of expression.

I’m sure I’ll be guided to such a place once the exam is over.

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