Pagan Blog Project 2014

Kick up the arse

As you can tell, I’m struggling to come up with a topic for this week’s Pagan Blog Project that isn’t about karma.

No offence, I just don’t like writing about topics others have already chosen as it loses focus on their posts.

When I was talking to my husband some nights ago about slipping of the ‘need to get healthy’ bandwagon I heard this voice inside my head saying, “you need a kick up the arse!”

And my title was born.

It’s been an interesting week. In no particular order: I’ve gotten sick, performed a mini rededication ritual to Herne the Hunter, gotten 58% on a Biodiversity report, 9/10 for a Biodiversity test (go figure), progressed with hypnotherapy and started working on a post in honour of one of our communities most loved Priestesses who recently passed.

The title refers to a few different things.

The title refers to my hypnotherapy sessions to lose weight.

Seriously ladies, if you’ve tried everything else, give this a go. I’ve been writing about it at my weightloss blog, Too Fat for a Broomstick.

The title also refers to my being sick, and stressed, and exhausted, and through which allowing my daily rituals to fall by the way side because I can’t seem to find the energy.

The title also refers to how lazy I’m becoming thanks to my new job (I miss my forest).

Aside from my random ranting above, the title pokes fun at us when we do fall out of routine.

Routine is so important, and is something I need on a regular basis.

It assists us when trying to deepen our connection through meditation, through ritual, and when we slack off it’s sometimes good to have someone there to figuratively give us a kick up the arse to get ourselves back on track.

And this week, I got said kick up the arse. Figuratively.

It was appreciated.

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