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This week on “Too Fat for a Broomstick”…

Too Fat for a Broomstick



For an absolute beginners class, I thought it was fantastic! The instructor is amazing, and ensures that you are comfortable with what you’re doing.

But no amount of folded blanket could stop my right knee from screaming in pain because I was kneeling on it. I wonder how hard it’ll be to do with a memory foam yoga mat?! Or maybe I should invest in some knee pads.

Years ago I worked as an Aged Care Assistant (AIN or PCA, depending on the state it means the same) and I popped my kneecap out of place. Through physio my knee did get better. And then I fell walking over the pedestrian bridge at Fairfield station and landed on said knee. I bruised it so well it still hurts to touch six months later.

I’m fine bending and moving side to side. But kneeling? IT’S TORTURE!!! Absolute mega huge torture!

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