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The Goddess Diana


Given my connection with Herne, it’s no wonder that I would be drawn to a female Huntress. I’m not sure who sought who out, but as I welcome my femininity this year, beginning to honour my body as a temple and truly look after myself once more, honouring my cycles, getting my body ready to become a Mother, I have seen the signs and have heard Dianas call.

The image on the left is of Diana and her Stag companion, a statue part of the Archibald Fountain in Hyde Park, Sydney. This image has always made me think of Diana and Herne hunting together, as companions (not necessarily lovers) but as twin souls out in the forest for the hunt. I know, they are from two different Pantheons, but that is the thought that always comes to my mind.

To Diana’s right at the fountain, stands her twin brother Apollo, a God I connected with greatly a few years ago, who helped me realise just how much of a Leo I am, and how much I need the sun’s warmth to help give me strength.

Connecting with Diana is something I’m really yet to do. So far, it’s been noticing her signs – arrows, particular dogs, the moon but only when it’s a crescent (every other time clouds have hidden the moon of late).

The Goddess of the Hunt, of childbirth and fertility, I believe this has been the answer to my calls out to the universe for assistance in falling pregnant. And when I do fall pregnant, because I will (thyroid and hormones issues or no, I AM going to become a Mum!!) it will be Diana who I will be calling upon to help me.

And Herne, my wonderful Herne, this year has proven strange because I don’t feel any masculine energy around me, not like I did last year. Maybe it’s because there are mainly men at work (six women, including myself) and I live with two men, I’m so used to male energy I can’t distinguish it anymore.

But Herne made me know that He’s still here. My Witch-Sister posted this on my facebook wall, and I’m considering buying it as a print.

Herne the Hunter by Daniel  Eskridge
Herne the Hunter by Daniel Eskridge

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