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Walking the Talk

My path when I was a newbie is very different to some, yet similar to others. When I first became a newbie into the Pagan world, I threw myself into it. I read every book I could afford to buy (google didn’t exist back then, and webpages spurted “must be Gardenarian/Alexandrian and in a coven”), set myself homework, even sat in the local library and made notes out of books.

I studied tarot, and runes, slowly learnt about crystals and their healing properties. I discovered Pagan music, and went to weekend courses when available. The ‘Witchcraft Intensive Weekend’ that Wendy Rule hosted was the best thing I could’ve done back then.

Over the years, I stopped walking the talk. I held my beliefs, practiced, but became distant as I fell deeper into depression. I was given a lantern, so to speak, by my now bestie who helped me back onto the Pagan path as it was then. And I began to walk again.

I guess it’s as I step further down this path of Druidry, rather than Wicca or Witchcraft, I feel more drawn to walk what I believe. I’ve blogged previously about working in tunnelling, seeing the earth removed so cables can be laid, and I’m not so against it now. I see the bigger picture, and the whole picture.

I recently had my performance review at work, and something my boss said sparked the cogwheels turning. Where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years? There are plenty of opportunities here if you want them. Honestly I thought he was going to ask me to go onto the new project my company will hopefully win! No… but it did get me thinking.

I’m seriously considering going back to university next year, but off campus and part time. I proved to myself that I can study and work last year by completing Certificate 3 in Financial Services.

What I really want to do, is walk the walk. Dive into a world that I truly believe in, truly aspire to be a part of, and that is in harmony with what I believe.

Environmental Science/Studies.

There are at least four Bachelor’s Degrees I’m considering at the moment, and I’m thinking the best plan of action is to wait, and see what feels right. I found one that I thought was perfect, but on further search into what the course is about, I found it to be a little out of what I want to study.

I asked Herne to assist, and he led me to two particular courses, so now I’m to think about them.

I’ve got the year to decide, after all!

One thought on “Walking the Talk

  1. Whoot! As someone who’s done the whole ‘go back to education’ thing, part time is a good jumping off point. I found however, that becoming a full-on student was where I needed to be for myself, so walked away from work to do so. Granted, my work situation was vastly different from what you have, but if you have to idea to do so and can manage it financially etc, don’t dismiss it. 🙂


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