Around the Cauldron

Emotional Rain

Damn, I didn’t intend on it being almost a month since posting here. I’ve been pre-occupied, having set up a new blog for my weight loss journey.

Too Fat For A Broomstick

I was hoping that my housemate and I would be able to go out the back for a full moon rite last night. But alas, it’s been raining for two and a half days…constant rain! Yes it’s desperately needed, and our lawns are extremely thankful for the soaking as the soil is cracked and the ants are dominating, but it would’ve been nice to see the moon.

Tonight is much the same – clouds, rain, clouds and rain.

It makes me thankful we have a front veranda. This will be the first rite the two of us have done together, and I haven’t told him much about what we’ll be doing! Very sneaky and secretive I’m being – I know! Given how it’s been raining, I think it’s perfect for something watery and emotion based. And given what I’ve been working on myself, I think it’s quite fitting.

Of late, I’ve been working with my inner teenager. Oh she’s a piece of work! I forgot how bad I really used to be! So I need to strip off a lot of layers, emotional baggage from years of…well…shit. The beliefs of being unworthy, unloved, etc. are slowly going, and tonight I’m going to add to that moreso. By fire our wishes will go to the universe, and by water our fears shall be drowned, and standing in the rain, I’m going to let it wash over me completely.

It’s definitely going to be interesting!!

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