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Here’s a Health

Earlier today (yesterday) I promised myself that I wouldn’t do a year in review. I’ve broken that already on FB, but I refuse to break that on here. If someone wants to see how the year has gone, they can read through the past blogs.

I didn’t want to do a ‘year in review’ but fuck it! This year…I’ve moved three times. I’ve lost 15kg of fat, and put on at least 6 in muscle, resulting in having lost dropped a dress size and a half. I chopped off my hair, I got a tattoo, I removed another piercing, and fell in love with having purple hair. [The Muggle] and I celebrated a year of marriage, and bought a new (old) car. I became a Dedicant, Daughter and Priestess to Herne the Hunter, and found the spiritual path that makes my soul sing. I found out that a lot of my health issues are all in thanks to an underactive thyroid. I got my depression under control (properly under control, for the first time in over 10 or so years), and my shit is finally together in a pretty package. I got rid of issues that have been plaguing me for years, and am the happiest I’ve EVER been! So if you knew me in the past, you certainly won’t know me now! Let’s hope the next twelve months will be just as fulfilling and wonderful!

But now it’s the New Year. I’ve had way too much to drink, but thankfully I’m writing this in MS Word so I have spell checker and a pretty red line under wrong words.

So what I hope for in this coming year…hmm…

I’ve lost 15kg of fat so far. I’ve broken my “evil number” so I’d like to break a new “evil number” by the end of THIS year. I’m not going to mention what the evil number is.

I hope I become more learned in Druidry. There is so much I’m yet to know, but the Pagan path is one of continual learning. So I hope I learn more on this path, where ever it may take me.

As much as I’d like to learn a new language, perhaps German or Dutch, I’m going to let this one be a ‘maybe’. Because who knows what will happen. Who knows what will become of the next twelve months.

All in all, I’d like to be happy. I’d like to be at peace. I’d like to continue this path, of really rediscovering who I am, what makes me tick. I’d like to embrace my all – my faults, my positives, those little nagging things that my Muggle hates but I continuously laugh at.

I think I’d like to learn a little more about my family history. My (paternal) Poppy has done a large chunk of it, but lately I crave to know the little bits and pieces. I know of my Great-Grandparents…those born in the Nethlands (Maternal), in Camperdown (Victoria, Maternal), Edinburgh (Scotland, Paternal), and Tasmania (Paternal).

And Aboriginal Culture, before Christianisation. It still makes so much sense to me, spending so much of the day in celebration of the earth – of dance, and song, honouring what She is. To me, she is Sovereignty. To others, she is Gaia. She is the spirit of the land.

And I want one more tattoo. A eucalyptus leaf, not sure what type though, on my left wrist. The spirit of the land, as an icon of this land (especially since the Southern Cross has been “Bogan-ified.”

So these are my hopes for this new year. However drunk I may be, these I’m sure will be fine for when I sober up.

And orgasms…lots of orgasms!

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