Around the Cauldron

Alban Heruin

I can’t hear the words but I can feel the madness. The anger, the frustration, it’s too much to handle. He paces back and forth, arms and hands moving, forcibly thrown here and there bringing forth his point.

He never asked for this. He never agreed to these terms. “What I wouldn’t give…” echoes through my mind. But it happened, and you can’t take it back now.

“You think I don’t know that?” he shouts back at me. The words become fuzzy once more; he doesn’t want anyone to hear his frustrations.

Whether he wants it or not, he is now the Holly King. It is his responsibility to rule over the waning half of the year, assisting Sovereignty in preparing the earth for darkness and hibernation.

“I never asked for this.” he says again.

I know, my friend. I know.

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