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Walu, Aboriginal Sun Goddess

I love the sun. I love dry heat. I am a Leo, so this comes naturally to me.

Through trying to find information on Midsummer that is more than just what books describe, I found a wonderful story about Walu, a Sun Goddess from the Aboriginal peoples of the Northern Territory.

I need to post it here, with the links to the pages, before I forget where I got it all from.


Sun Goddesses

Walu – Australia (Wa – loo)

Dreaming Walu, Sun Woman awakens and stretches, streaming light into the sky.
Stroking the soil, life burst forth bringing new, lovely, green land.
Warming us with Her arousing rays, making us feel like playful children.
Painted with rich designs in red ochre, Walu emerges as a New Woman!


Dreamtime ‘Dramas’ Written In The Stars

The Yolngu people of the Northern Territory say Walu, the Sun-woman, lights a small fire each morning (the dawn). She paints herself with red and yellow ochre, some of which spills onto the clouds to create the sunrise.
She then lights a bark torch and carries it across the sky from east to west, creating the daylight. At the end of her journey, as she descends from the sky, some of the ochre falls on the clouds to create the sunset.
She then puts out her torch and travels underground through the night to return to her camp. This underworld journey was important in the designation of the Sun as female, whose torch bringing warmth and fertility to the interior of the Earth, causing plants to grow.


A Summer Solstice Primer

Walu (Wa – loo) – Australia 
The Australian aboriginals called the sun goddess by this name and said that she lived with her daughter Bara and her sister-in-law, the world mother Madalait, far to the east. Each day Walo journeyed across the sky accompanied by Bara, until one day the sun goddess realized that the reason the earth was so parched was their combined heat. She sent her daughter back to the east so that the earth could become fertile and bloom.

One thought on “Walu, Aboriginal Sun Goddess

  1. Wow! I have been asking spirit to send me information on Aboriginal traditions, as I wanted to connect more deeply with this land we are on. And then I drop by your site for the first time in a while (I have been on some weird hiatus from everything of late – dark night of the soul reigns supreme!) and I see this!
    Thank you so much for sharing!! It is always good to get info like this! 🙂
    Hope you’re well!

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