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Midsummer and the Waning Year

As Pagans, a large majority of us (not all) feel pulled to a God or Goddess. I found mine, as I’ve gone on and on about before! Of late, rather than me pulling or hunting for Herne, I feel him pulling at me. Admittedly I have been a rather neglectful Dedicant of late, having moved house and getting used to a new routine. On top of this I’ve been working on a picture book for Big Niecey (one is written for 5 month old Little Niecey) so my mind has been elsewhere.

As we move ever closer to Midsummer, I feel him. He is the young man entering his prime. He will soon, once again, wear the Oak Crown and reign over the waning year.

If he was in physical matter right now, I’d wrap my arms around him and just hug him. I feel him, I feel our hug as I type this, but I just love hugs. Hugs are awesome. Hugging my friend and mentor, that’d just be tops.

After he drew me outside into our secret garden-esque backyard last night, I realise more and more how perfect our new home is. We have two oak trees out the back, but as they are embraced by over growth and, what I’ve discovered is a massive chicken coup, I never noticed them before.

More and more I am noticing his touch in my part of the world. He’s with me in my very Vietnamese/Chinese Buddhist community (I am so in love with my new community!) and he’s with me when I walk through the park on my way to work. He’s with me while I salute the quarters in my morning routine. I don’t feel him once I leave the park and venture up Oxford Street, though. I don’t blame him – if it wasn’t for paying the bills, I probably wouldn’t leave the park, either!

This will be my first Midsummer as a Dedicant of his. I want to do something very special, hold a beautiful ritual in honour of this time and his transition to being Ruler. I need to ponder on this, and see what he wants me to do. If anything, it needs to be outside.

Midsummer is also my last day at work, and since I now have two gorgeous oak trees out the back, I think I might make something with the oak leaves to wear to work that day. End of the world…pfft! We need to dance and sing, and rejoice at the height of the Sun!

And just like that, it’s come to me. I know exactly what I need to do.

I need to go to Bunnings.

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