Around the Cauldron


My WitchSister today posted a status on facebook saying what she’s thankful today for. Which made me reflect on the last few days.

I am thankful for the people I have met on facebook, most of whom I do not know in real life. I am thankful to those who have helped me become a better version of myself, through offering no more than a kind word, or a simple suggestion, or a beautiful ritual to try.

I am thankful to those who read this blog, offering comments or suggestions when I’m in a pickle.

I am thankful for my Muggle, who keeps me level-headed. There has been debate on one of the forum’s I’m on over the term “muggle” and how it is used by Pagans referring to non-pagans. Well, my husband is a Muggle. He is a non-Pagan. Sometimes he thinks that it would be best if he was, but I completely disagree. Without him, I would be so far “off with the fairies” I would’ve lost sense of reality by now. His atheist-ness keeps me grounded, and I love him for that. He’s my wonderful Muggle!

I am thankful for my family. However, I am thankful to be 1000km away from them. It makes me appreciate them more when I do get to see them, but allows me to truly grow on my own (something I could never seem to manage to do when I was near them. Sorry, but it’s true.)

I am thankful for finding my “land home”. As much as I love the town I grew up in, I can’t find it home. It’s energies don’t sit well with me. I love Sydney. I love the land, the surrounding bush, the communities within communities. I am so happy that I took the leap and moved here to my with my Muggle all those years ago. I’m thankful that I listened to intuition that first weekend we spent together, and knew he was “the one”. (We moved in together after four months of back-and-fourth travel).

I’m thankful for my Sydney Pagan and Druid family, when I am able to catch up with them. They have helped me grow so much spiritually.

I am thankful that with the rituals performed yesterday, I am finally rid of prejudice I’ve been carrying since dating an arsehole six years ago. I won’t say much on it, but since him I have been slightly racist to those of his culture. When you are abused by someone, you tend to hold a grudge, and when people remind you of him, you tend to hate them for no reason other than the fact that they look like him.

I am finally rid of that hatred. Today I was in a training session with a man of my ex’s cultural background, and I felt no ill-feelings towards him. No hatred, no disgust, no fear.

Thank-you, Crone Goddess, for hearing my call yesterday and helping me work through and let go of this weight that has been baring down on me for so so long.

I am finally free.

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