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Putting your trust in the Gods

It’s the Queens Birthday long weekend and the husband (muggle) and I have gone up to the Great Lakes region for our first holiday away since our honeymoon.

We’ve had a wonderful day, ans quite lucky with the weather. When I’m not on my phone I’ll add some photos. Rather than sit in traffic on the F3, we came up via the Hunter Valley. And yes, it really is as spectacularly beautiful as people say it is.

I’ve been recharged by the Sun, and I’ve seen the Green Man in trees throughout our drive up. I’ve seen the Waning Moon linger in the morning sky, and heard the rosellas sing. The Gods have certainly been about today!


We had a down moment with dinner at the local RSL being dreadful, and were quite disappointed. Never seen food so over-the-top deep fried in our lives! Then we discovered the pool table.

Never play against me, as I can’t play. So I make up my own rules, and my muggle husband still wins. Tonight was slightly different.

Just the 8 ball left, and guys waiting for the table. Muggle says I need to hot it in a certain spot to get it in. I reply, “I’m going to hit the white ball, and whether it hits the 8 ball is up to the Gods.” The guy replied, “You don’t wanna trust them!”

I sunk the ball in an impossible shot. He couldn’t believe it, just kept shaking his head.

I have a great deal of trust ans faith in the Gods. Was I expecting them to assist in a game of pool? Certainly not. But it’s a story I felt the need to share.

Hail the Gods!

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