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Choosing a name

It’s such a hard process, choosing a name for yourself. I understand why soon-to-be parents have trouble choosing a name for their children. It’s something you will be stuck with, so you better like it.

At least when it comes to Craft names (whatever tradition you follow) we have the option of changing it when we progress on our path. My old name, I can’t actually remember how it came to me. But it was very unique. So I found it difficult coming to terms with my new Craft name, as in a way, it feels rather…”typical Pagan-y”. I’m not another Silver Golden Amber Gypsy Shadow, but to me, it’s quite cliche. But that’s how I heard it – the Sun gave me my name.

However, Herne didn’t like it.

The Horned God Rises by freyja_m @ dA

Since the full moon, each time I go to say my name to myself, something else pops out. Each time I try to re-say my new name, the other pops out.

I’ve gotten the hint! Admittedly it did take a while for me to get the hint. I can be incredibly stubborn, and it wasn’t until my sister really put it to “maybe it’s a sign.”

This afternoon I was thinking about it on the train. The name was given to my by the Sun. Then I had a vision, and heard a very stern voice say, “No! You are my child. Change it, it’s better this way.” So it’s changed. When I’m feeling up to it, perhaps at Midwinter, I will re-dedicate myself to my “Bit of Everything” path I’m heading on, and I will take on this name properly, in honour of Herne, my Patron God who’s been with me since birth.

Again, I won’t be posting my name here. I’ve only told my sister. But I like it. It’s me, it’s where I am now, and Herne approves.

So everyone’s happy, and that’s what counts, after all.

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