Around the Cauldron


I’ve been disconnected, as my body was craving the energies of where I used to live. However, I was finally able to connect with the new land energies today. My hubby and I moved interstate recently. Living in a predominantly Christian and Muslim community, it’s hard to feel comfortable at the local parks. But the Druid within found a lovely grove outside the local botanical gardens, so I could finally connect, and do some releasing work with chord cutting. Feeling damn good, now!

Just curious, has anyone else felt the pull to change the directions around? In the Southern hemisphere we naturally change north and south around…but has anyone else changed it again? Does anyone feel the need? Or does it suit you to have North-Fire, East-Air, South-Earth, West-Water?

I felt the pull…here where I am

North – Fire (equator)
East – Water (Tasman Sea/Pacific Ocean)
South – Air (Cool wind from the Antartic)
West – Earth (Inland/Desert/Rainforest/Farmlands etc.)

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