Around the Cauldron


I feel like I’ve just woken up from the longest sleep.

I feel slightly rejuvenated, but obviously not enough to have done the dishes! I feel…right.

I’ve never felt more disconnected from the Craft and Wicca than I feel right now. And I know why now.

It’s no longer my path.

I’ve reached a fork in the road. One goes forward, towards new lands. The other goes backwards, leading to what I once knew. I’ve been on this path for a little over ten years now. I found WitchCraft and Wicca when I was 15, and it opened a new world to me, one that I knew was home. However, it is human nature to change. It’s the one constant in this world. Now, it is time for change.

I know who I am now.

This quote from here says it all for me. It answers everything that I’ve been questioning, and makes sense to all of the messages I’ve been receiving.

In Druidry it is understood that, where-ever we walk,
we take with us all that has made us what we are,
our ancestors of blood and of our spiritual and cultural heritage;
at the same time, we must always acknowledge and
honour the land beneath our feet, and all those who inspirit it.

-Emma Restall-Orr

I’ve never felt more wanting to connect with the lands spirit that I do right now. I’ve even considered driving to Ballarat to read all I can about the Wathurong community and their words, names and customs for our wonderful land. Some friends will know, I am DYING for the local national park to re-open! I am itching for it! Lying in the back yard, or waiting for the joggers to leave Baliyang isn’t enough. I need to go back to the Grove I once made.

I need to dig my toes into the earth, listen to the trees sing without cars going past.

I need to go home!

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