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Messages from the Animal Spirits – Bear

I want to post this before I fall asleep on the couch.

Last night I was visited by a Brown Bear. Not in the physical, as no bears have been reported escaping from any zoo’s (and they’re not local to the area) but he came. Briefly, but I was lucky to acknowledge him. I stole this from here as my book is elsewhere, and I will elaborate at another time. I want to draw him, too. Tomorrow maybe.

“Bear is the largest of carnivores but it is also omnivorous, eating fruits, plants, nuts and meat. There are many species of bear. The most common is the black bear. However not all back bears are black. They can be back, brown or cinnamon colored. The Alaska brown bear is the largest of bears . The grizzly is a relative of the brown bear and is known for its aggressiveness and temper. Bear is also related to the raccoon.

The strength of Bear medicine is the power of introspection. The bear represent the west side of the Medicine Wheel. The West is the place of intuition, transformation, inner-knowing, shamanic journeying, dreams and visions. Bear teaches you to go within to solve problems and promote healing. Seek knowledge and wisdom through meditation and dreams. Go within your Winter Cave (subconscious mind) for renewal and the resources necessary for survival and healing. If you have Bear medicine, remember to slow down in Winter. Keep a slower pace during this season so you can contemplate the past year and prepare for the year to come. Study herbs and explore quiet places in Nature for balance and healing. Rest, but try not to hibernate all year long. Spring will provide you with new ideas and opportunities. Plan and prepare for next year, but don’t forget to live fully in the moment in the present moment.”

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