Around the Cauldron · Celebrating the Sabbats

Supermoon Energies

So with all the hype over the “supermoon,” I walk outside into the backyard and lo and behold…She looks the same size as she usually does.

I didn’t realise that this meant the end of the earth. Didn’t they think that with Y2K aswell?

But her energy is so beautiful outside. Our next door neighbour has officially moved out so I got to go out into the backyard in just a towel. Never done that before! But I completely understand why Witches often celebrate skyclad – so invigorating! We’re lucky in that either side of us has high bushes sheilding us from our neighbours, and those on the other side of the lane weren’t home. I became self-conscious anyway and came inside.

It was quite nice – earlier I had been feeling…”yuck.” A particular part of my anatomy was feeling wrong. A couple of minutes outside in her glow and I felt right as rain (how does that saying even make sense?!) And I still feel fine!

This is where living with an athiest gets hard – I meantion this to my fiancé and he says it’s all in my head.

Oh come on!

I really need to remember to not say the wonderful feelings I have to him. Non believer. At least humour me, damnit!

If my knee wasn’t acting up tonight, I’d be out there celebrating. But I’m going to leave that to tomorrow night. I consider it three days either side of the calender marking, so hopefully tomorrow night my knees wont be as sore and I’ll be able to at least sit on the grass. As it was I had to bend at the waist to put all my crystals out for cleansing.

Tonight’s energies are beautiful, powerful, wonderful. And tomorrow night will be wonderful.

Oh! My dream last night. It was all over the place, and I think at one stage I was on a beach floating in the direction of San Fransisco… anyways, I was in someone’s room. I pulled open the drawer, and there was all these different incense sticks, miscellanious altar items…but there were also three wands. Different wood, with images and names carved into them.

Herne, Hermes and Theia.

I can’t figure out what it means. I need to connect back and figure out why I dreamt of them, what they were trying to tell me. I know oak is associated with Herne, but the other two are a complete mystery.

So if anyone bothering to read this can help me out, feel free to send me a message.

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