Around the Cauldron

Queen of Weird Dreams

I’m still waking up thinking I have wings.

Although last night was particularly weird. I dreamt I was Isaac Hanson’s nanny, telling him about his children and who they were going to grow into. In my dream he had a boy and a girl, but after checking Wiki I found he has two boys. One was going to carry the wisdom of their ancestors, the other would be more grounded.

They may have been my favourite group growing up, but that doesn’t mean I keep in check with their private lives.

The dream was…odd. There was a kitten in the roof at one stage, having a shower with a strange man in his 50s wanting me to apply a form of lotion to his burns, a woman who was meant to read my cards (who then disappeared) and a group of girls I don’t recognise hanging around a car wash. I can draw you the layout of the room I was in with the old guy it’s that strong in my memory.

Oh yes, I am the Queen of Weird Dreams.

So all those out there who may be reading this right now, if you’ve got a dream journal, try figuring this one out! I don’t attempt to work them out anymore. They just are.

But I’m still waking up thinking I have wings. Who says I can’t? You never know, it might be a way of my mind altering and adapting to a new level of consciousness. Or I’ve been reading too much Melissa Marr novels.

Either one is good.

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