Around the Cauldron

Eucalyptus Broom

I’ve convinced my partner to allow us to have a handfasting wedding. We’re not “normal” by any means, and we’re definitely not having a “normal” wedding. No white dress, no church, no rings, no tiered wedding cake with horrible fondant frosting. I shudder at the thought of fondant icing. I know it’s nice and smooth and pretty, but can they at least add some flavour to it?!

I’m quite excited today – I put the finishing touches on the broom. It’s out of proportion, but with the NP closed I gathered what I could outside of its gates. We laughed saying it’s “a double” as if we were to go around during the night flying on it, we could both comfortably sit on it.

Traditionally the broom is made with birch branches, but this is Australia. I’ve got to be careful so the eucalytus branches and leaves don’t break off. Seven months and three days to go, not that I’m counting.

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